The Climate Protection Project Acacia Brasil is based on the “Acacia mangium Plantation Project” in Boa Vista in Northern Brazil.

Since 1999 more than 23,507 hectares of savannah land in this region have been systematically planted and sustainably managed with Acacia mangium trees.

The benefits of the afforestation project (funded by F.I.T. Timber Growth Fund Ltd) are impressive. Over 200 jobs have been created in this structurally weak area, as well as sustainable infrastructure resulting from the management of the plantation.

As a result, the afforestation of this previously unforested land, has created a reduction of around 3.7 million tons of CO2 emissions, of which around 2.6 million tons will be certified and sold, making a substantial contribution to the financing of the entire project.



The Climate Protection Project Acacia Brasil is located in Roraima, the most northern state in Brazil and covers an area of 23,507 hectares, which is predominantly owned by F.I.T. Timber Growth Fund Ltd * or its associated firms. A small part of the area is leased.



Project Type:           Afforestation (of previously unforested land) with Acacia Mangium

Project Area:           23'507 hectares of plantation

Project Location:      Boa Vista region, Roraima state, Brazil

CO2 Reduction:        3'674'586 tonnes (already achieved)

CO2 Certificates:      2'572'210 tonnes (ex-post verified)

Certification:            ACR Standard (American Carbon Registry)

Validator/Verifier:     SCS USA (Scientific Certification Systems)


Additional points:

- Plantations and natural forest are FSC certified

- Creation of more than 200 jobs

- Construction of sustainable infrastructure in the region




 Last update: 2012-09-07